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Notes of - Vanilla tonka, jasmine, cedarwood and cocoa butter.


Do you have that favorite warm cozy blanket? Something Cozy wraps itself around your senses. This comforting fragrance is a complex blend of warm spices, vanilla tonka, jasmine and coconut. The candle finishes with cedarwood, amber, and a smooth cocoa butter. Don't let the description fool you, this candle blends warm and creamy as well as fresh and invigorating to create a tranquil scent that is simply irresistible.

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These candles are my favorite! I purchased something cozy and something sweet. Both of these smell fantastic and make my home smell amazing 🕯️😊

Chris Caruso (Lynnfield, US)
Cozy Candle: A Wedding Favor Delight!

The scent is like a hug for your senses – a perfect blend of comfort and tranquility. It's like the olfactory equivalent of a warm blanket on a chilly night.

This little gem not only lit up our wedding night but also our hearts with its warm, enchanting glow! The packaging itself was so charming that it felt like we were gifting our friends and family a piece of the celebration to take home. The design, simple yet elegant, matched the theme of our wedding flawlessly.

Denise Caven (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Outstanding product and exceptional service!!

If you are looking for the perfect gift, check out Light and Gale! Their soy candle collection has so many fragrances that are pleasing and refreshing. I ordered a box of 50 which were custom labeled in the "comfy" fragrance which is their #1 seller. I gave them to my clients and they were so impressed. No smokey residue just clean refreshing and welcoming!

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